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Advanced Communication Technology

Interference Cancellation
Interference due to multi-path in radio transmission is the biggest reason for degradation and especially, as orthogonality cannot be settled between channels in CDM type due to multi-path, it needs interference cancellation technique in order to increase volume and to enhance functions, as shown in below pictures.
TelAce has applied and commercialized interference cancellation technique to ASIC for terminals for the first time in the world
  • Multi-path interference and interference cancellation technique
Interference cancellation technique of TelAce is a way to estimate interfering signals using a unique algorithm from received signals and to offset those signals from received signals. The effect on improving functions in labs and fields compared with those in existing Rake-type receiving method is as follows
  • Comparing table of the rate of field appropriateness by each technique
Site Value Interference Cancellation(TSM2500)
Outdoor 1 98.8% 100%
Outdoor 2 87.1% 98.5%
Outdoor 3 95.5% 100%
Indoor 1 17.0% 100%
Indoor 2 14.4% 100%
Examples of field appropriateness : Outdoor 2(green:appropriate area, Red;non-appropriate area) - in case of existing Rake receivers
In case of a receiver applied with interference cancellation technique(TSM2500) in Dongjak-gu Office
High Speed Modem Design
  • CDMA Modem with Parallel Processing
  • Parallel Processing Concept
  • High Data Rate : ~660Mbps
  • High Speed Viterbi Decoder
  • Digital Parallel Processing Method for Rake Receiving with Creative CDMA Modem Structure
  • OFDM Modem & Codec
  • The OFDM Technology including a scalable IFFT/FFT
  • MIMO Link channel estimation and frequency domain OFDM Processing
  • 100Mbps Viterbi Decoder, 50Mbps Turbo Decoder IP as the high-speed codec